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is the name of a jewelry project that creates unique and personalized jewelry. Joana Sousa Henriques, the creator, born in 1982, graduated in Industrial Design with 15 years of experience designing and monitoring the entire production of stands and exhibitors for events and the mass consumption market, with a Postgraduate degree in Packaging Design, then came the training in the area he always liked, High Jewelry.

The magic of creating exclusive and innovative pieces, creating new concepts of use, is the biggest objective and a great challenge. Using noble materials mixed with others and various types of stones, Joana Design Studio will be able to create original and exquisite jewelery pieces among other types of accessories.

Art, architecture, design, geometry in fusion with nature are the biggest inspiration. The taste for humor appears in the concept of some pieces. I intend to create jewelery pieces with a different language, exploring new ways of setting the stones, maintaining the simplicity and harmony of the piece in shapes and colors. In terms of ecological thinking, I explore giving more functions to a piece of jewelry that can be used in a different and fun way. Giving more use and versatility to a piece of jewelry that, being handmade and some unique, is always a greater but lasting investment. 

All work is done in the workshop, by casting or by hand, according to the design of the part.

Some drawings by hand and in 3D and then all produced in the workshop.
In September 2019, she was awarded an honorable mention by Portojoia through the Collectiva Meeting'19 International Exhibition, which brings together a selection of contemporary jewelery artists from around the world. Then the participation in October in the Artistar Jewels exhibition during the Milano Jewelry Week 2019. 2020 ends with the participation in the Brazil Jewelry Week. 2021 participated in 2 international exhibitions, Romanian Jewelry Week 2021 and in the exhibition JOYA BARCELONA 2021, as a selected artist. 2022 Artist Jewels at Milano Jewelry Week 2022.

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