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SKU: MJ 001
VAT Included |

This piece was developed for a PortoJoia 2018 “The need of me” contest theme.

We live in a highly technological age and, in my view, turn excessively toward the cult of self.

Jewelery has a great tradition of using molasses with photographs of our loved ones. Having with us people we really need to feel happy and protected.

Modernizing this idea, I developed a piece with a built-in camera to record the selfie moments with our loved ones.

The camera has a memory card that we easily download to another interface and print out.

The piece has a very simple shape, like a fisheye lens, and with a bright smile, represented with zirconia setting.



  • Care to have

    • keep the jewelry closed in individual packs away from light or moisture.
    • avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.
    • whenever you clean your piece use a soft brush, rinsing under running water and drying well.

    • check your jewel regularly.

  • Shipping

    For sending items from the Exclusive Collection or purchases over €400, it will always be registered and insured.

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