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X clamps collection is made up of several unique pieces that vary in shape according to the shape of natural or synthetic stones, cut or raw. The particularity of these pieces is precisely the way the stones are set.
Inspired by the classic shape of claws, I draw an extension of the claws until making an X.
This ring is the result of the set of several simple geometric shapes and the color combination of titanium and stone. Here the set has a more complex structure of claws that are all born from one point.
A unique piece of jewelry handcrafted in silver and titanium.

  • Care to be taken

    · keep the jewelry in individual sealed packages in places without light or moisture.

    · Avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.

    · Whenever you clean your parts, use a soft brush, washing under running water and drying well.

    · Regularly rectify locks and springs.

  • Shipping

    Ring with simple and precise lines to build this minimal piece without any other details to fit a nave-cut zirconia, totally secured by the pressure of the ring's rim. Straight forms live freely and the stone shines in its entirety.

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