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VAT Included |

A necklace that matches perfectly with any of the ring/earring models from the Duo collection. There are several models with green and blue tones. Explore the Duo collection and its dual function concept.

This necklace is in silver with gold and oxidation bath details that contrast with the color points of the stones, malasyan jade, real green jasper and white agate and zirconia.

  • Care to be taken

    · keep the jewelry in individual sealed packages in places without light or moisture.

    · Avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.

    · Whenever you clean your parts, use a soft brush, washing under running water and drying well.

    · Regularly rectify locks and springs.

  • Shipping

    In stock, it can be shipped on the day of ordering. The delivery time after finalizing the ordered item and respective payment is 2 working days in Portugal and 5 to 10 working days for the rest of the world.

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